How can Reiki help you ?

Reiki relieves stress and energy and alleviates pain and suffering. An enhanced state of relaxation , releases old and negative patterns of behavior and increases your creativity. The process releases blocked energy and detoxifies your system.?

Reiki Course I – Beginners:

  • Definition of Reiki / Origin & History Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles / Your Reiki Lineage
  • The Treatment / 21 days purification period
  • Self Healing / Reiki Transmission Principles

Reiki Level II – Advanced :

  • Revision of the Reiki Principles
  • How to use symbols in treatment
  • Mind, Body & Reiki – mental healing
  • Distance healing (Individual and Groups)
  • Chakra balancing & harmonizing

Reiki Level III – Practitioners:

  • Attune to the Final 2 rays of Healing
  • Train how to teach and attune others
  • Reiki Symbols and Master Symbol
  • Learn Progressive attunement through – Level I to Level III – for others.
  • Revisions of Reiki I & II
  • Understand and Learn Reiki Lineage
  • Your Reiki Master & Teacher Certificate

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